World Info
Loyalty GFH
System Novak System
Predominant Species Unknown

Alhena is the second of seven planets in the Novak System. A Hot Jovian planet, originally it had five moons, but as best as astrophycists can tell, during its early formation it pulled two of the moons out of orbit into itself. The two moons still appear on the surface of the giant green planet as two grey smears, due to the low turbulence of the planet itself. This theorem was generally considered to be ridiculous by the astrophysics community, until in 121 the moon Alhena II was pulled into the planet itself, giving credence to the original theories.  

Incredibly, Alhena II, being a moon composited mostly of very dense crystalline structures, has mostly survived this trauma, and exists as a landmass in Alhena's atmosphere. A scientific research station is in low orbit about Alhena, and other stations have been erected on the moons Alhena I and Alhena III.