World Info
Loyalty GFH
System Novak System
Predominant Species Unknown

Jerisep is the fifth of seven planets in the Novak System. A Warm Terran planet, it contains no oceans, but has large mountain ranges at the poles that create huge deltas across the planet, providing simple agriculture. The second planet colonized after Waycross in the system, Jerisep allowed for the entirety of Waycross to be used for more industrial purposes.  

In -883, during the first Onigrimm attack on GFH space, Jerisep was the first colonized planet to be attacked. Onigrimm rampaged across fields and burned processing facilities to the ground until stopped by a contingency from Waycross. During the Grimm War, parts of Jerisep were lanced from orbit by Onigrimm ships, but no ship was able to make planetfall due to a swift response from the Waycross Shipyards and the defensive constructs on the planet's surface still in place from the original Onigrimm incursions.