World Info
Loyalty GFH
System Novak System
Predominant Species Unknown

Waycross is the fourth of seven planets in the Novak System. A Warm Terran planet, Waycross was swiftly colonized after the system was discovered, and was the first planet colonized with the assistance of the Deurgish. Because of miscommunications between the two species, the Deurgish engineers colonized the planet as a military base, with no agricultural room remaining. With tempers rising, both species looked to be headed to war, until a young adventurer named Jerisep found there was a sister planet in a near opposite orbit around the sun, which became the agricultural planet Jerisep

Waycross has been the focus of several Onigrimm attacks, including the start of the Grimm War. Due to its military value and position within the galaxy, much of the naval power is based here when not on active assignment, at the massive Waycross Shipyards.